Retaining Walls

Photo 082 – In this photo: Belvedere Retaining Wall with Sierra Grey Roman Pavers

With function and style in mind, a retaining wall will accentuate the landscape design in your front or backyard, and will blend perfectly with any paver style and color. Build height and depth interest by adding retaining wall blocks for edging and flower beds. We install retaining wall in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.



Create seamless and clean lines around your gardens and trees. Planters allow for easy and neat garden maintenance, while accentuating your outdoor living space.

Photo 122 – In this photo: Dimensional Wall in Pacific Grey


Make a statement by creating beautiful pillars, gate entrances or lamp posts. These pillars can make your potted creations stand out like a work of art and create interest off of your steps, driveway or patios.

In Use: Fon du Lac Retaining Wall


Build a retaining Wall that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing to control erosion or ease a grade change in your landscape.

Photo 130 – In this Photo: Quarry Stone Non-Tumbled


With matching color products, steps and walls create warm and striking entrances, additional seating areas and allow for continuity in your overall design.

Photo 053 – In this photo: Rosetta Outcropping Wall with Stone Oasis Fireplace


Add a firepit to extend those lazy summer evenings you don’t want to end.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

The newest product Barkman offers, this stone adds a strong natural looking element to any landscape project, whether you are creating a wall or building steps.